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Cardio Memory

Cardio Memory


Fitness Assessment Software System

CARDIOMEMORY is the solution supplied by Technogym to help doctors, physical therapists and sport trainers carry out real time data measurement, evaluation and recording when running stress tests and VO2max tests with Excite® Med products.

Key Features

  • Customer’s database
  • Monitoring in real time of the test and training sessions on the Excite® Med products
  • Storage of test and training data
  • Trend analysis of the training results and performance comparison
  • Reporting system with graphics, evaluations and judgments

Key Benefits


  • Using the Report functionality of the CARDIOMEMORY increases the value of training and test sessions by offering tangible, real time exercise feedback
  • All real time training and test data are stored in a data base


  • PROFESSIONALISM: CARDIOMEMORY gives more value to the service


  • SAFETY: The real time graphs improve staff capability to prevent workout risks
  • FEEDBACK: The end user can receive a report from each training or test session to monitor progress.

Cardio Memory

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